• To provide every learner of a second language with further opportunities for extending their knowledge and experience of the cultures of other people as well as opportunities for personal and intellectual development, further studies, pleasure and work in the English medium; and
  • To enable every learner to prepare for the changing socio-economic demands resulting from advances in information technology; these demands include the interpretation, use and production of materials for pleasure, study and work in the English medium.



  • Learning and teaching
    • provide different opportunities and language-rich environment for the learning and practice of English language
    • make extensive use of a variety of text types (including stories, comics, play scripts, posters) to develop students’ reading, writing, listening and speaking skills as well as critical thinking and creativity
    • Use learner-centred and task-based approach in planning of learning
    • encourage learners to learn independently through developing lifelong language learning skills and strategies (including vocabulary building skills and phonics skills)
  • English Enhancement Grant Scheme


We promote assessment for learning and assessment of learning through:

  • Formative assessments:
    • self-assessments of writing and daily learning tasks
    • peer assessments of writing and daily learning tasks
    • parents assessments and feedback of speaking, writing and reading
    • teachers’ feedback of speaking, writing, reading and daily learning tasks
    • dictation
  • Summative assessments:
    • tests and examinations



I. Internal English Activities

English Day

Game Stalls
All the P.1-P.6 students had a happy time on English Day. There were lots of game stalls such as Guessing Games, Matching Games, Jumbo Sentences, Spelling Games, Tongue Twisters, Riddles and photo taking.

P.1-P.3 Variety Show on English Day
P.1 – P.3 students danced, sang songs, did a short play, said a chant or read a poem on the stage. Look how happy they were!

P.4-P.6 Drama Performance on English Day

All upper primary students participated in the drama performance on English Day. Students had to make the props and practise the play collaboratively.


II. External English Activities

RTHK - The Sunday Smile

Four English ambassadors - Vanessa Ngai (P.4C), Shelby Lo (P.5C), Cadence Cheung (P. 5C) and Anthea Yu (P. 6C) participated in the English radio programme “The Sunday Smile” on 11th January, 2017.

We were looking forward to having a nice recording. Mr. Thomas came out and invited us into the recording room. It was small and old but we were excited. We only needed two takes to get it right. Mr. Thomas took photos with us. We were overjoyed. I hope we can go to RTHK again.

Vanessa Ngai 4C


I was honored to have a chance to participate in ‘The Sunday Smile’ radio programme with some other English Ambassadors. It was a very good experience for me because I learned how to record a radio programme and had a chance to visit RTHK.

Shelby Lo 5C


When I arrived at RTHK, I felt excited. I went there by car with Shelby. By the time we arrived, Anthea and Vanessa were waiting for us. We waited for about 15 minutes in the lobby before we went inside the recording room. The room was smaller than I expected. After we finished the recording, Mr. Thomas invited us to take a group photo, so we borrowed a spaceship board and took photos with it. I hope I can visit RTHK very soon in the future.

Cadence Cheung 5C

This was an unforgettable experience. First of all, I would like to thank Miss J.Cheung and Miss Sally for giving us this chance. I am very proud of myself because I could represent our school to go to RTHK for a radio broadcast recording. This was my first time to go to RTHK Broadcasting House. We presented a drama written by ourselves in the recording. The programme host, Mr. Thomas Latter, is very kind. He let us have two takes for the recording. We had some minor mistakes, but he said he would fix those. After recording, we took many photos. They will be shown on the RTHK’s website later. This recording is very meaningful to me.

6C Anthea Yu Hoi Yee